Arindrayana, Gede Arya Sathya (2014) THE ENGLISH FUNCTIONS AND ERRORS BY ART SHOPKEEPERS AT PENESTANAN UBUD. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Warmadewa.


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It can be described that the title of this paper is ‘The English Functions and Errors by Art Shopkeepers at Penestanan, Ubud.’ The problems analyzed in this paper are about the kinds and uses of the English functions that are communicated by the art shopkeepers of the five art shops to their guests. The number of the art shopkeepers that are used as the respondents or the data sources from which the data concerning with the problems which are examined in this paper are collected is five persons. Those respondents are two masculine and three feminine. The theory which is used to analyze the data is the theory of the language function which is mainly taken from a book reference entitled ’Function in English’ (1982) written by Blundell. Beside this theory, the theory which is also used to analyze these problems is the theory about the uses of the language functions which is primarily taken from a book reference entitled ‘Speaking Naturally’ (1985) written by Tillitt and Bruder. Beside from this reference, several supporting references that describe about the uses of the language functions are also referred to in analyzing these problems. Based on the data analysis, it can be explained that in communicating with their guests, the art shopkeepers at Penestanan, Ubud chosen as respondents have used several functions of English Expressions. The English expressions which they have communicated to their guests are the expressions for the function of: (1) greeting the guests, (2) inviting the guests, (3) getting information from the guests, (4) offering things to the guests, (5) telling the guests about the prices of things, and (6) thanking the guests. Most of the English expressions used in their communication by the art shopkeepers to the guests are informal and impolite expressions. The neutral, more formal, and polite English expressions which they communicate to the guests are not in large numbers. In the grammatically error I only found to infinitive error in the inviting expression.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Uncontrolled Keywords: english functions, errors
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