Octarianto, Randy (2014) ILLOCUTIONARY ACTS IN IMPERATIVE SENTENCES. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Warmadewa.

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The title of this scientific paper is Illocutionary Acts in Imperative. In this research, it is tried to analyze about imperative sentences and the illocutionary acts of imperative sentences, the positive and negative forms of imperative sentence and the kinds of illocutionary act of the imperative sentences. The specific aim of this paper is to know more detail about the illocutionary acts of imperative sentences. In analyzing about the kinds of acts and the forms of the imperatives some data are needed, the data of this research were taken from novels entitled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2010) and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2003) by J.K Rowling. The data were collected by read the novel and using note taking method of the utterances which have been quoted and classified in accordance with their types of illocutionary acts of imperative sentences. In analyzing the data, it is used the theory of Illocutionary act, that proposed by Quirk. and theory of speech act by Kent Bach and Robert Harnish. The result of the analysis shows that the forms of imperative sentences can be divided into five, namely negative imperative, positive imperative, imperative with subject, imperative with no subject and do with positive imperative. The kinds of illocutionary acts in imperative sentences that found in the novels can be divided into fourteen functions, they are for command, request, prohibition, plea, advice, warning, instruction, invitation, offer, good wishes, imprecation, self-deliberation, incredulous rejection and granting permission occurred depend on the situational context.

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