Excessive Lexical Borrowing Restraining the Absorption of English Vocabulary into Indonesian throughTranslation

Umiyati, Mirsa (2017) Excessive Lexical Borrowing Restraining the Absorption of English Vocabulary into Indonesian throughTranslation. In: CONAPLIN.

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The presence of the national language (Indonesian) among the regional languages in this country and the needfor mastery of foreign languages (especially English) indicates the occurrence of language contact,competition or conflicts that, to some extent, led to the situation of interplay between languages.The effect offoreign languages, especially English has become a real dilemma because, on the one hand, it provides anopportunity for Indonesian to evolve towards a modern language capable of bearing the vehicular load toexpress all aspects of life. On the other hand, however, the uncontrolled lexical borrowing conductedindependently without reference to a general guideline will be a boomerang for Indonesian. The adaptationshows that there has been additions of new words derived from foreign vocabulary but due to the frequentuse, over time become Indonesian vocabulary. Unfortunately there are a lot of loan words seem to be excessiveand unnecessary for Indonesian has certain lexical items to express the same meaning. And translation, inaddition to adaptation, could be used to restrain this excessive measure so that the borrowing does not impactnegatively on the development and preservation of both national and regional languages.

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